Call for participation

The timing of this conference coincides with the rise of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence powered applications, Cognitive Communications, Green Energy, Adaptive Control and Mobile Robotics towards maintaining the Sustainable Development and Smart Planning and management of the future technologies. It is aimed at the knowledge generated from the integration of the different data sources related to a number of active real-time applications in supporting the smart planning and enhance and sustain a healthy environment.


The conference also covers the rise of the digital health, well-being, home care, and patient-centred era for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers; in addition to how supporting the development of a platform of smart Dynamic Health Systems and self-management.

It is intended by this international conference to cover comprehensive approach in order to provide the best possible set of International key performance indicators and new innovative models and services that could be used to improve the human lifestyle expected from the new future development of the smart cities. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for your work to receive that global expert touch given the multi-dimensionality in the different fields of inquiry. 


Themes to be covered include any aspects of the major themes presented below. Please note that this list is collectively exhaustive in terms of field of inquiry – therefore you may literally submit any type of scientific research papers:

1. Engineering 

2. Health Sciences

3. Agricultural Sciences

4. Computational and Informational Sciences

5. Energy and Climate Change

6. Business

7. Humanities and Sociology

8. Natural Sciences

9. Education, Learning, and Social Science.